farm trip

We had a great time with a few blogging buddies in July.
I love blogging and I love the smart girls I meet.
The gals had directions and carrots ready, all we had to do was tag along for the fun fun day.Feeding bunnies was a hit. The carrots were good enough to eat! Cheerio the horse was kind and quiet. On the way home all my little guy could say was, "Cheerio nice. Cheerios nice horse. I like Cheerio".

The dirt.
He has found dirt.
A trail of dirt now follows us where ever we go.
My bathtub looks like a sandbox at 6:30 pm every evening.

The end.


Vanessa said...

That rabbit is so fuzzy, I bet your son loved all of the animals. I know my kids do. The last picture is fun, I really like it :)

the treat girl said...

I love when everyday is an adventure......boys and there dirt!!!