back to school

Love these. Bought 2.
Air tight compartments so your sandwich doesn't taste like your banana.

So cute.

We use them in the summer for snacks on the go. This is a great picnic in a box.

Tupperware makes a smaller version (perfect for toddlers!) that I fell in LOVE with when a super cool Mommy friend pulled it out at the splash park one hot summer day. I have 2 from my wedding shower that I like to pack full of great snacks.

These are perfect for cold lunches and the Mom on the G.O.
I'm back to work AND back to school. Yikes.


Jerri-Lea said...

Good luck Teacher!! Have fun, hope we'll find time to visit sometime before Halloween! ha

Kate said...

LOVE that! All but eliminates the need for a ziploc bag which I have been trying to get away from.