can you find us?

looook closely! what do you see!

Here we are!
In our bean tipi!

The tipi turned out wonderful and....FULL of beans!
It is huge- we both fit inside.
It is the only structure in my whole garden that has held up against all the summer storms including the giant tree (neighbors) that squashed 1/3 of the garden in late June.
I really recommend the tipi to any one, it is super easy to build and grow if you have the space. (we are so thankful for our garden plot just a few houses away) My only tip would be to build your structure STRONG- we used real wood from home depot-my bamboo poles for the peas will be retired this year-nice "green" idea but they were too wimpy., I'm really glad I didn't try to use them for the tipi.
Like beans? Call me!


Jerri-Lea said...

SO much fun! Thanks for the visit and garden produce, our supper was super yummy!

Anonymous said...

It looks great!!!

Anonymous said...

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Vanessa said...

Oh It turned out great! I on the other hand was only able to grow enough beans for 1 family meal. I guess thats what I get for choosing a poor garden site. At least we have a pig now so I'll have plenty of fertilizer for next years garden.

On the other hand, if you need lettuce I have been giving it away as fast as I can before it spoils. At least I wasn't a complete failure...