Halloween 2010

The week leading up to Halloween was a busy one.
Really busy.
We tried a new activity each day.
The best part was the great Mommy feeling about spending quality time with little guy. The activities were pretty short, some only a few minutes long but the smiles and giggles that filled my heart will last much longer. It is not easy working, going to school and being a Mom, I feel I can’t give anything my 100% attention sometimes. This last week has really taught me that my number one job is my family and family always deserves 100%!
Now I need ideas for November....
Saturday night- We loved carving pumpkins and baking the seeds!

Friday - The Pumpkin Maze was a-maze-ing!

Thursday - Reading Halloween stories, gotta love book order!

Wednesday - Halloween stamps- we made cards for family and friends!

Tuesday - Pumpkin cookies-promptly baked and eaten!

M0nday - Counting spiders and singing Itsy Bitsy..EEK!

Sunday - Funny sticker faces made us laugh!

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Kate said...

I have never once made it out to the pumpkin maze. So sad.