Decor that is natural. Good for the environment.
I have started to save egg shells. I have to work up to composting-we have a wasp problem in the warm months and I really don't want to make the wasps feel evenmore welcome when we have guests. Yes I have a waspinater-I think it does work. Yes I have also had an exterminator visit-he couldn't find the nest on our property. So for now, low key composting in my kitchen.
Anyway, these are the pumpkins we grew ourselves. I smile very time I see them. It is so fun watching them turn more orange everyday. If The Sprout was a little older I'd have him journal about the pumpkins using pictures.


Niki said...

You GREW those punkins?
I am in awe...

Jenn said...

Wow! I can`t believe you guys grew those. They`re gorgeous. What an experience :)