thankful for fresh ideas

Homemade jam made for great parting favors. I picked up this chalkboard for a future family photo shoot -I'm sure you'll see it again! For now I love it to write little messages for guests and friends.The jam worked well, especially when paired with fresh gingersnap cookies tied with twine. I just love twine. Simple.
Roasted squash soup in demi-tasse tea cups. I loved these cups on first sight and waited and waited for a sale-6 for 4 bucks was what I finally caved in at. I managed to get about 20 sets. The little tasting of soup was perfect and the parsley straight from the garden. I have more ideas for them-think dessert. Sweet, but not today.

I pulled a few letter blocks from my collection-I love letter blocks, the more worn,faded and older the better. They really worked well for name place cards and it was fun to watched the older kids spell words with them later. Ahhh, dessert. I used my growing collection of thrift store dessert plates. I have been picking up one or two here and there. I am picky, no chips, cracks or metal paint and pretty edges are a must.
I dream of using these for a pretty dessert party someday.
The pumpkin spice lattes I made in advance this year. I just winged it with my own recipe of 3/4 coffee, 1/4 milk, cinnamon and pumpkin spice topped with fresh whipped cream and a sprinkle of brown sugar and pumpkin spice and they were delicious!


Niki said...

Soup in demitasse cups is GENIUS!

Jerri-Lea said...

What a great looking Thanksgiving! Hope it was a great time spent with loved ones!

the treat girl said...

Yummy!!!!!!!! It is truly soup season now too!!!!

Kate said...

Love the cups...I may have to look into that! I also collect dessert much cuter than breaking out the paper plates for a gathering. I only have about 20 so far but I too am picky. Patience!