small things for Christmas #1 lunch treats

Being a teacher I've never really had the option of eating out for lunch. My husband on the other had the delicious food of the hospital cafeteria to nourish him for the years pre-me. Needless to say when the offer of making him lunch for the next day arose early in our relationship he jumped at the opportunity. A lunch taker was born.
Many years later I still take part in making my hubby's lunch.
I take pride in taking care of him a little bit.
So for each work day in December I made a treat bag for him.
Each bag contains small treat and a little love note, warms my heart just thinking about it.
He has already thanked me for his first note and the others are lined up ready to be popped into his lunch, 16 in all.
For me, Christmas this year is about the small things.

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Jenn said...

Sooooo sweet :) I was actually just thinking that I should have made an advent for my McHubby to open everyday! There`s always next year! For now though, I think I will borrow your idea and send some notes in his lunch. Thanks for the idea! Tis the season for the little things that make Christmas Merry :)