small things for Christmas #2 planners

I love planning, organizing and reviewing.
I like it even better all wrapped up in one place like this super cute book I whipped up.

The idea came from another blog of course and it is a keeper!
I made 3 and loved sharing one with a great friend. I also gave her one to share with another person of her choice. Makes the giving even more fun.
So far my book is filled with to do lists, menus and gift lists. My favorite part is an envelope I added in the back for ideas for next year.
I carry my book in my purse an jot down ideas whenever I get a chance, today I came across a cranberry ricotta quiche recipe which will definitely be a part of my Christmas morning brunch.
The book is a small thing that has brought me great joy in sharing. Next year I'll have the girls over in early November for pre-Christmas planning party and we can each make our own.


Niki said...


Jenn said...

Awesome! Love this idea! And on another note...would you mind if I borrowed your Rudolph noses idea from last year :) I think they would make awesome little gifts for my Little Beans classmates. If I blog it, I will make sure to give you the credit you deserve!!!

the treat girl said...

Life has been getting in the way of keeping up with my bloggy sorry I haven't been by in a while.....I soooo need to make one of these for next year! My lists are having lists, and I'm losing notes for myself....thanks for sharing this super cute idea!! Merry Christmas!