more gingerbread...

We have a new Christmas tradition..... It involves gingerbread men on sticks and our favorite ipad app. The gingerbread men on sticks is great for acting our the story. The sticks are like long thin Popsicle sticks-no points, perfect for puppets.

We listen and read this story more times in a day that I can count. The story is riveting. A real page turner. Book clubs beware. I can't believe Oprah hasn't suggested this read yet.
The Gingerbread Man.
Read it. Love it. Repeat.


Anonymous said...

If you love that book then you'll love Jan Brett's "The Gingerbread Baby". It's super cute! We read this book every year and then make mini "gingerbread" houses. Love it!

Niki said...

I love the idea of a gingerbread man lollipop.