I love this idea of a word of the year.
It gives me another way to keep the cobwebs off the brain.

I think listen is good word for me, I love to talk and I think I need to listen more.
I love to listen to my 2 year old tell me what he's doing, what he wants and what he needs. I feel so lucky to be able to hear and watch him grow. I am so lucky to be his Mom.
"Are you happy Mommy?" are the sweetest words right after "love you soooo much".
This holiday we really focused on family and listened to our hearts. We skated, we sang, we played, we visited the pet store for over an hour.
Listening takes patience-I wonder what else I will learn in 2011.

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Niki said...

Great word to be dedicated to in 2011; i think we could all listen better and with more open hearts.
BTW, i love these pictures though they really reinforce my American stereotype of Canadian motor development: crawl, walk, run, skate, hockey.