Honeyberry Heaven

Baby Brother had his first trip to the farm this past weekend!

We were shocked how big Uncle Derele's Honeyberries were!

They are twice the size of our berries in our backyard.


Big Brother was allowed to sneak some broccoli too-his favorite obviously!

(I am serious about that!)

From the time he was a baby this boy LOVED broccoli. I think it all goes back to Annabel Karmel's fishy cheese and broccoli that I made-she seriously has the BEST baby recipes ever. All the smart Mommies love her style! (thanks for the reminder Lisa, I'll have to dust off my old recipe books and read up on leeks!)

But for now its fresh broccoli and berries for us!

Here is our favorite Honeyberry Recipe.

We also love honeyberry vinaigrette on fresh farm spinach.

We are so lucky to have these kind farmers so close!
Not only do they grow the best veggies and fruit.......something else grows each time we visit....



PamJ said...

Sounds like a great time!! And that recipe looks DELISH :)

the treat girl said...

That litte baby is a mover and groover!!! How fun to go on field trips....What a great day!