3 weeks old baby picture

I am almost 10 lbs.

I sleep from 8pm to 1 or 2 am. Then I am up again at 4, 6, 7 and 8. I must be a morning guy like my Dad. Poor Mom.

I love smiling at my Dad and being held by my Big Brother when he does not poke me with foam swords.

I have been to 3 splash parks, Pike lake once, the farm twice (mosquito's nearly carried me away!) and love to sleep poolside in my bassinet on the stroller.
I burp loudly and need to burp twice.

I only cry if I need changed or am hungry.

I have a bath every night and LOVE bath time.

Mommy tucks me in every night but Daddy always remembers to give me kiss.

I am 3 weeks old.


Ellie said...

What a sweet little guy! Congratulations on your newest family member. A lucky boy to be born into such a loving home. The first six weeks are the toughest...after that things get easier. You CAN do this!
p.s. What saved my sanity was hiring a neighbourhood twelve year old to be a playmate for a few hours in the afternoon for big brother. Younger is better because she will "grow" into a fabulous babysitter in the future!

sassy said...

thanks Ellie! I am on the look out for that "playmate!" Super duper idea! :)
Big Borther also just had his Grandpa and Nana move in right next door! Grandpa (Pa to us) magically shows up at 3 or 4 ish each day making supper prep a breeze! Yippee for grandparents!!!!