ah ha! I did it!

Thumbs up to anybody who can already make these.

Don't let those sweet and innocent looking simple balls fool you!

Alas, I have just joined your elite ball making club.
I am still very green at the art of cake pops but I can pull off one that

is actually edible and looks sweet enough to eat.

I am not as cool or smart as Bakerella but she is my inspiration. I can only dream of the pops she creates. One day....maybe one day I will be able to pull off a themed cake pop.

For now, solid colour with sprinkles will do.

Sticks-oh, you like them too! I found them here. I just put in another order for more fun "green" stuff-you'll love the store!


Niki said...

Those look great.
Where did you get such fabulous twirly sticks?

sassy said...

klover foods right here in Canada!