2 week picture

I am 2 weeks old!

I am 8.5 lbs and have smiled at my Dad, Pa and Big Brother many times. Poor Mom is still waiting.

I love to eat eat eat.

I also enjoy stroller rides to the park.

I am not a big fan of shopping.

Daddy says HomeSense makes him cry too.

I am sleeping a little better every night.

I love to sleep on Dads chest and watch Scooby Doo.

I love it when Mom falls asleep feeding me it the night and we end up cuddling for 2-3 hours in the big comfy nursing chair in my room.

I make sweet noises and talk LOTS.

Everybody asks how old I am when we are out and I love the attention.

I have tried out my swing and I think I like it even though Mom thinks I am too little and makes Dad take me out.

Dad read me my first story I Can Teach My Dog to Talk.

I like everything my Dad does. Another thing we do to have fun is photo shoots.

OK, it is fun for me.

I am a week late in editing. Week 3 picture coming soon.

I absolutely love this blanket made especially for my little boy boy a super sweet teacher friend. I had no idea she could sew so well or read my mind as the blanket has monkeys on it and it coordinates perfectly with the banana shirt sticker theme. So smart. This is the official back-drop blanket for the next year as well as our favorite tummy time blanket! Thanks sweet friend!

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