6 months!

Bright eyes.....
Big personality....

Huge appetite!

You are 6 Months Old Today!

You love to eat.

Spaghetti squash from Aunty Connies garden is you favorite.

You also love sweet potatoes, pears, apples and blueberries.

Bananas are OK, peas and beans are a no go. (but Mommy will sneak them into other things!)

You have 2 teeth and they are SHARP!

You are getting up in the night when your feet get stuck in the bars of your crib. Oh how I long for bumpers......

You love bath time.

You laugh out loud at your brother, even when he pretends to attack you with Spiderman and/or Iron man and or swords.

You stare at your big brother and love to pull his hair, nose or anything else on him you can touch. (he loves it too!)

You smile and wiggle when your Daddy comes home from work. You seem to be in a good mood when ever Daddy is near.

You tolerate your car seat but rather be at home on your play mat in front of the fire or looking out the window being held by Pa.

You watch things/people very intently.

Everyone still comments on your big blue eyes.

Your laugh melts my heart.

I cherish each day and moment we have because I know someday not so far away you will be able to wriggle out of my cuddles and not want me to carry you everywhere I go.

Secretly, I don't mind when you get up in the night all that much. I know it will end someday. Right now, it is our time. I can snuggle my face close to yours and feel your warm breath on my cheek and hear each of your sweet little breaths. I watch you in my arms and wonder what your first word will be, whether you will like Spiderman or Iron more and what your wife will look like.

Thank you for a wonderful 6 months.

I am so lucky to be your Mom.

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