practice makes.....



We have been practicing our 5 favorite songs.

Must Be Santa

Jingle Bell Rock


Up on the Roof Top (not my choice)


Jingle Bells

For a good reason. (other than it is totally fun even though my husband mocks my great voice-he calls me "enthusiastic" Hey, I think that is the same work my kindergarten music teacher used......!)

Our family is spending some time thinking of others this season.

I know my boys are young but I want them to know the importance of giving time for others.

And I want them to eventually know what the season is really about.

This Saturday we will not hit the malls or make lists of wants.

We will spend our morning ringing bells for the Salvation Army.

Each night for the last few weeks we have been practicing our songs and discussing with our 3 year old what we will be doing.

This is our choice and I hope to make it a tradition.

So if you are local, bring your spare change and ear plugs to the 8th Street Superstore from 10:30-11:30 am on Saturday December 10th-we'll be there!


Niki said...

What a great way to have fun, spend time together as a family and give back to the community.

Anonymous said...

Way to go (BTW - I somehow lost your blog when I converted to a new computer. It's been months and I've really missed you - even if we've never met LOL. Reading about your Christmas present to your community was a perfect reunion story ...)