orange day

It was colour week at school. I picked up big brother for lunch. We were out of bread. We went to pick up a few groceries. He saw the oranges, "It is orange day tomorrow!"

That's all it took. (I love excitement over healthy food)

We got 2 of each kind we saw. He filled up his own cart. I unpacked groceries. Big brother unpacked groceries.
Smallest to biggest.
Counting by 1's and 2's.
Which ones roll well, which ones don't......

and the taste test.

Some had seeds.

Some were very juicy.

Some were very sour (kumquats)

And some were just right.

Next is yellow day....better stock up on bananas!


Jerri-Lea said...

That is one smart little boy!!

Niki said...

I love that you make learning a natural part of everyday life.