Happy Birthday Yoda!

Yoda is 64!
I can only hope I am as wise as he in 31 more years!
One of my favorite quotes comes from Yoda (the character) and is the way my Yoda lives each day......
"Do or do not... there is no try."

Here are a few party highlights. One of my favorites was the game we played thinking of qualities that described Yoda and then sharing them with the family. I love party games! It was a great way to take a few moments and focus on the man of the day in a positive warm way! Everybody had no problem thinking of great things to say about Yoda, even my 15 year old nephew! Doesn't he look like he is having fun, what a great sport to put up with his aunty's silly ideas!

I hope you had fun Yoda! I made/invented individual chocolate butterscotch ice cream cakes just for you! McDreamy made a point of asking me why he didn't get ice cream cakes on his birthday, next year McDreamy, I promise! Here is how I did it...

Crust - crushed fudgeo cookies and margarine. Layers of white soft serve, butterscotch syrup, chocolate sauce and pudding mixed and chocolate ice cream. Top with a monogrammed gingersnap (Yoda's favorite too!) and character of choice! Cover with cling wrap and freeze until ready to devour!


Jerri-Lea said...

Happy Birthday Yoda!!

I have had the pleasure to meet you a few times. I believe that you are a caring, patient, & genuine person because Sassy sure did did turn out that way!!

Hope you enjoyed your day!

Saucy said...

It was a fun visit with everyone and Veto was especially happy to hang with his main man, The Sprout!

Happy Birthday Yoda!

Jerri-Lea said...

OHHH, I just figured out where MRCI got the quote from ... it is outside on their sign in front of the school right now!