Getting Ready for McDreamy's Valentine's Gift

This is what I got McDreamy for Valentine's day.
Her name is
is going to get me back into a bikini by this summer......that's what a personal trainer does right?

Here is the sweat sock bouquet I made McDreamy to go along with the gift of Lindsay. We have a strict no flowers rule in this house. We are both too utilitarian, besides, Yoda taught me to appreciate beauty and share it with others (this is was also the beginning and the end of my flower picking days down Guelph Crescent) a lesson I hope to pass onto the Sprout someday.
Back to Lindsay. Each evening this week McDreamy and I have been preparing for Lindsay by doing this. Yes, we are trying to train before meeting our personal trainer. But we both feel we must prepare, prepare, prepare, thank you pre-trainer Shelly in the Caribbean.

It might be a good idea to note that doing this dvd with your husband will change the way you see yoga forever. My favorite moment was during a time when Shelly expects you to hold tree pose.....several images are shown to help you meditate through the holding of the pose. NOTE: you do not need to imitate the amphibians intended to help you focus. Thanks McDreamy, I will always think of you and smile whenever I see a Gecko on a tree.

Also in preparation for Lindsay I had to stop here today.
To get this...
and this

and these.....

and this too.

Now I am ready for this.....( even though all the shopping I did today should be considered a work out as too!)

Only 3 days until we see Lindsay.
I can't wait to go straight home after wards and see if my old bikini fits!
Stay Tuned!
will McDreamy enjoy his gift?
will Sassy make it through the session?
will Lindsay be dazzled by McDreamys Gecko pose?


Anonymous said...

Good luck on getting into your beikini after the first session. I hope that works out for you. If it does, I want the name of your trainer!!! Seriuosly, what a great idea for a gift -must make note to self.....D

Saucy said...

Kudos to you, dear Cousin. And a trip to lulu also, absolutely genius.

We need to talk about the no-flowers rule. Seriously.

Pam said...

what a great idea!!!
and an excuse to shop at lulu...ingenius!!

Oliver Rain said...

I'd be more excited about the Lululemon that the working out, though I admit that my luv handles could use a bit of work. It will be fun for the two of your together.