Dr's Orders

Sweet McDreamy leaves me twice a week to make music with a few of his buddies, boy style, loud boy style with drums, guitars, big sticks, dirt, bad words, worms and secret forts. I know he still wants to be "discovered" just so he can add rock star to his rather impressive list of credentials. Secretly, I think it makes him even sweeter.

I usually take the opportunity to catchup on school work, blog or chat on the phone but on this very rare occasion, very rare because I am a healthy germ- a-phoebe who never usually gets sick, am actually SICK! I really don't remember the last cold I had, definitely pre- Sprout. Anyway here is what McDreamy left for me before he went out to play with his little friends. I love that he actually lay out the scissors for me too. I have often pondered if the cold remedy people have deliberately made the caplet packages rip/tear with your teeth proof so sick people feel even more inferior when they can't even self medicate themselves.

#6 is the sweetest direction......McDreamy's bedside manner is like no other!


Jerri-Lea said...

How sweet. I love how the note has a little picture of you "under the weather." Get well soon!

Saucy said...

Feel better soon! Loopy and I were down for the count all week with ear infections and the like! It must be going around.

McDreamy's list was very detailed. Impressive, we could actually read his prescription!

Coco said...

Very sweet of your hubby. This notes proves that doctors can write legibly if they want... Tee Hee..


Anonymous said...

Hi hon: are you still sick?? Coco said it best: I can actually READ what he wrote! heh heh xoxo the fan