Nana's Birthday Bash

It's a Party!
Nana will be 60!
Friends and family please rsvp here under tidbits!
...will we be visiting under the Blue Moon to the tunes of Elvis?
...swooning along to All I Have To Do is Dream with the Everly Brothers?
...or maybe just Staying Alive with ABBA
This is one party to you don't want to miss!


Saucy said...

We will all be there with bells on!

... and will be bringing cupcakes... shall we still be doing butterfly themes?

Saucy said...

Records... hmmmm I will think on that one. Is there a color scheme at any rate?

bamemories said...

I honestly don't know how I know you then. Maybe we just need to get together and chat about it. Don't want to leave my phone # here, so I'll give you my e-mail address if you're interested.


bamemories said...

could you let me know how you did your valentines cake. I've been thinking of doing something different instead of just handing out Valentines' cards for my son's class---and I absolutely LOVE THIS. I don't have much time to prepare, so if you want to share, please let me know ASAP.

Thanks tammi

Anonymous said...

We'll be there with the proverbial bells on. Thank you for the pretty invitation - what can we do to help?
xoxo the fan

Anonymous said...

Hey Sassy and Nana! I can't wait to come to the big birthday! Right now I'm sitting in the Denver airport waiting to (finally) fly home. It's really nice to come to the blog when I'm missing my family so much!
See you soon!
Love, McDreamy

Oliver Rain said...

I would be thrilled to knit some donut rattles. I will be going away next week and trying to get a few things done this week, so I'll see what I can throw together after that. I'm sure I have seen a pattern some where. I wouldn't want you to spend $35 for one like on that website.

Aspergertopia said...

Can't wait to hear about the party! It sounds like so much fun.

Anonymous said...

We will not be able to make the journey this year, but will see you in the summer. Love you lots Nanny and the rest of the family.


Steve, Cindy and Billy said...

We would love to be there. What should we bring??? 60...unbelievable Den!!!!! Who's the old fart who's 64???? Can't wait to see everyone

Love and kisses,

Billy, Cindy and Steve

Anonymous said...

Hi Chantelle, Firstly Thank you very much for your kind invitation to your mum's 60th. Didn't think my cousin was that old...haha!! Also Thank you for the lovely pictures of Foster - he is just lovely!!! Maybe one year soon we will get to meet him!
Say a very Happy Birthday to your mum from her Scotish family we are so sorry we cant be there to celebrate with you all!!!

Sandra & Jim xoxoxxo

Anonymous said...

Hello Den.
For someone who is computer illiterate this has been a challenge. This is my third try. Maybe 3 is the lucky charm. Anyway..... here goes.
60! The magical age of.....well there must be something! Something good I mean. All kidding aside, we would love to be there. It seems celebrations are the only time we see each other anymore. See you then.
Love Elliot & Reta