super hoola

Helloooo Super Hoola!
I think the Sprout thought I'd gone crazy as he watched me take a few minutes before McDreamy came home from work to try super hoola. I tried hard to wait for McDreamy but at 4:00 I just couldn't wait any longer!
After 3 minutes of hip circles I was feeling pretty good (and even a little sweaty) about my score of over 500 hula's until I came across this...
3515 spins?
This was a score from some cowboy in Germany, really, his name is cowboy and he is from Germany. You' d have to be a cowboy to get that many spins! Looks like I have some work to do tonight after the Sprout goes to bed. Maybe if I get good enough I can convince McDreamy to take me to Hawaii!

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Saucy said...

After all these meals with dessert and cocktails, port wines and snacks... I will be over to spin a bit with you when I get home!