Nana's Party

Here is a quick peek at the wonderful 60th Birthday we celebrated with Nana.
It was wonderful to see everyone, thank you to everyone who helped out! (Saucy your cupcakes were delish, your balloon colour choosing was perfect Chef, Yoda your easy going attitude as I hammered tacks all over your walls to hang records was amazing! The Sprout would also like to thank Yoda for playing with him and could you please search under the tables for little yellow plastic farm ducky.....if you find him we'll be back Monday to pick him up. He likes extra long bath times and to sleep under the covers. Thanks Yoda.)


Melissa said...

That looks like a totally fun party!!

I am sure you guys had a blast!

Saucy said...

It was loads of fun! When you get back from your trip, if Loopy and I may borrow your wedding cake/flower pot display and maybe also the one you had McDreamy's crooked puffed wheat cakes stacked so prettily on at Nana's bash... we are having a cupcake sale to raise funds for Grade 8 Farewell on March 26 & 27 and guess who is in charge?

Safe travels, talk to you when you get back.

Yummers! said...

What is this??? A post without the Sprout?? So sad! Although... loved seeing pics of your mom's party. Looked like everyone was having a GREAT time!! You did a fantastic job... you and saucy should get into The Party Planning business! You are both so talented!!
Is your trip this week?

Jerri-Lea said...

Happy Birthday Nana, looks like you had lots of fun! Looked great Sassy!! Hope you are enjoying yourself right now!