The Chefs Party

The Favors.....I have great memories of being 6 years old and The Chef being able to read all the names of the sharks in his shark book. I thought he was the smartest brother in the world. I also remember, not quite so fondly, when The Chef convinced me that someone had let a baby shark free in Anglin Lake, the very lake where OUR FAMILY just happened to be spending the summer.
The favors were delicious gummy sharks in individual containers topped with a personalized cartoon. I used my circle punch to give them a custom made look and a little hot glue secured the paper to the top.

The Cake.......The Chef is not a cake kind of guy.......and...... I am not brave enough to bake for The Chef. So we had Tequila Sunrise Snow Cones! With a worm of course! I have always been a snow cone connoisseur and this is a great contraption that I'm sure we will get lots of use pool side this summer.

Don't forget the worm with that yummy tequila drink!
The Friends... it's true, the friends and family make the party. What a wonderful celebration!

Hey there single and sassy Saskatoon gals, did I mention that The Chef is single........he's quite a catch! He makes a chocolate ganache that brought several proposals from a few of my already happily married colleagues!


Jerri-Lea said...

Looks great Sassy!! Hope you had a good trip, can't wait to hear about it!

taranova said...

Looks like a great party! I was wondering where you got the paper cups for the snow cones? I just bought my daughter a snow cone maker - can't wait to use it!

Saucy said...

I would bake for The Chef any day! Next time.

I didn't know what your plan was... I have these crazy sharks that hang over the sides of drinking glasses and when you fill them with grenadine the red syrup spills out of their mouths and into the beverage... very creepy and scary! They were putting them onto drinks at the Red Lobster once during a special promo and I sweet talked the bartender into giving me about 12 of them so I have a set if you ever want to borrow them for a party!

HannahH said...

How fun! Looks like a good time :)
Love the sharks and the story..too cute!