My New Trainer

Lindsay was great. She was motivating, created a work out tailored to what we can continue to do on our own and even made us sweat with a smile. Check her out if your lifestyle needs a little fitness, she's tops! McDreamy and I both agree we will see her again in the spring.

The only disappointing part of our training session was finding out that wii fit is not actually a work out by physical trainer standards. McDreamy and I have been having so much filling our evenings with hoola hooping, yoga, ski jumping and tightrope walking. Somehow we had even convinced ourselves that these activities were actually working out too. Deep down I had a feeling that hoola hooping was just too fun to be good for you but I will not miss the tight rope walking one bit.....let's just say 11 steps with birds swarming you and crowds of people watching your every move may not be a work out but it sure does make you sweat!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie:
You won't have to tightrope if I don't have to hoola hoop! Maybe we should stick to yoga.

Saucy said...

Wii fit is still loads better that vegging out on the couch so keep it up. Adding it to your workout can't hurt.

My friend's daughter lost 60 lbs this year using Wii fit and eating better... she is a finalist in Miss Teen Saskatchewan in April, Loopy and I are going to see her. It must have SOME workout value.

KAGS Herself said...

I'm with Saucy on this one! And you know what? Even though I can't do heights AT ALL - the tight rope walk was one thing on the Wii fit I could do!

Jerri-Lea said...

Good for you! I hear that Lindsay is amazing~ my girlfriend attends her "boot camp" which terrifies me but it works for her! I'm much more the chip & dip girl and a little walk here and there. So WAY TO GO!