party time....again!

Happy Birthday to The Chef today!

(here we are showing off our holiday feast Christmas day)

Who wants to party?

Bake cupcakes for The Chef....Sassy is not brave enough for that!

Hmmmm, let's think what does The Chef like?

Warm weather, sharks and tequila.

Come back tomorrow to see a few great party ideas for that hard to plan for person!
(here is one little hint...)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chef!!! (oh, along with sharks and such - he was seriously eye-ing those LP's at Nana's you might want to give him some of those!!) Love to the Chef - I remember the day he was born!!xoxo the fan

HannahH said...

Wow! look at that feast....and I thought I was quite the cook :)
I am not that fancy!
But looks wonderful!