I LOVE pink!

.......somebody's having a baby girl!

...she is in this picture

...she is due in July
...she is a great Mommy already
...she loves to shop
...she loves to travel
...she has 2 brothers
...she has one sister
...her Mom is Denise
...her Dad's name starts with a "K"

Congratulations Missy and Scott!

(the Sprout and I are having way too much fun buying pink stuff, he doesn't let Sassy pass through a Carter's without picking up at least one outfit! We really can't wait to meet you sweet baby girl, don't worry baby girl Aunty Sassy will dress you in style and teach you how to bake cupcakes and cookies and cinnamon buns and make charm bracelets and do everything girly!)


Anonymous said...

I am actually not due till August, but thanks for all support and the pretty pink things.....Twinny

Saucy said...

Great family photos, Sassy! A girl for Twinny, this is wonderful news! Now The Fan and I get to scout for pink!