party time

It's true, The Sprout is officially
one year old!

The band is booked and planning has begun, ooooooo planning a party is so much fun!

With less than 2 weeks to go blogging will have to take second place to party planning.

Let's see, we must decide on cupcake flavors, party games, land and water games and party favors......lot's to do!

Do you have any suggestions for a great 1st birthday party?

Our theme? Oh it's BARBER SHOP of course!

The History: it is Russian tradition that the Grandfather and the Father each take a snip of hair off of the birthday boy at the same time......for luck I assume. That reminds me I must get to work on those barbershop poles for the back yard, fun fun!

Don't forget to RSVP in the comments box below so Sassy can tell The Chef (who has so graciously volunteer to Bar-B-Que, thanks Chef!) how many burgers and hot dogs to order.


Anonymous said...

blow up a balloon, cover it in shaving cream ~ then break out the razors and see who does not pop their balloon.

sassy studio said...

brilliant! shaving cream----barbershop---someone has their thinking cap on! looking forward to that game for sure!
Sassy and Sprout

Pam said...

we will be there for sure!!!
Pam, Rhys & Kenadi!!!

Saucy said...

We will be there with bells (and swimsuits) on!

Will be bringing the cupcakes (I insist as we discussed) and a special Russian dish served at summer birthday parties.

We need to make the poles, let's get together for a work bee... I have it all figured out. We'll need some supplies.

Also, can we meet JL for some soup? Cupcake Saturday approaches and we should get together before I leave for Chicago... it can wait until after the party but we leave on the 11th.

Glad you liked the invites!

Anonymous said...

Be sure to hold the blown up balloon by the little tied off piece, then cover the balloon in a layer of shaving cream. Have an adult hold the balloon for really little kids. It is so cute when it pops, and the shaving cream flies everywhere. You could use those poncho rain coats as the barbershop capes to protect clothing.

Another cute idea~ using a small container ( old egg shell, plastic cup, mini flower pot) decorate the front for a face,( with a sharpie and googly eyes) fill with soil and top with fast growing grass seed. Water and get plenty of sun. As the grass grows it looks like hair and you can have guests cut or make a mini hair do. These are also good favors for kids and adults. You can customize them before to look like your guests, add glasses or makeup...

Cheers from VT ♥

you could also channel your inner Sassy and Loopy and have a station to create crazy hair styles. Pair up random party guests, have a table loaded up with dollar store goodies ( spray color, spray glitter, barettes, elastics, clippies, ribbon) have a contesT award prizes. It could be funny to see Mc Dreamy style Yodas hair....

sassy studio said...

LOVE IT! are amazing! Imust go and get grass seed and pots right now! And the style come we didn't think of that!
Thanks AGAIN!

Saucy said...

I luurve the hairstylin' station idea! Let's get going on that for sure! I had a little nap today and the cupcake idea came to me in my dream... really!!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the invite to Foster's party! Unfortunately, we will be unable to attend. Have a great day!

Jill & Mark

Anonymous said...

Sorry, we would love to come but unfortunately we cannot make it. Thanks so much for the invite. Have a great first Birthday Sprout!!!
Tara, Dino, Matt, and Carter

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the invite! However...we are in a ball tourney this weekend and our girls are going to Grandma and Grampa's for a few days. Looks like all is well with you guys. Keep in touch.

Trev and Wendy

the fan said...

Uncle Secret Weapon and I would not miss this party for anything. We love that Sprout of yours - so see you Sunday! xoxo the fan

Leica Forrest said...

we cannot wait! thank you for the invite Sprout!
Leica, Riley, Jager & Ireland

Jerri-Lea said...

We'll be there with sunscreen and swim suits!! Thanks! Can't wait to celebrate your 1st birthday Sprout! CJ, CD, JL & Moto-Moto

Anonymous said...

Mamma Bear, we can't make the party, but we do have a prezzie for Foster so I'll call you soon for a playdate. I'm sure the party will be amazing. Can't wait for the pictures!!

Auntie Lou & Noah

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the invitation. Sorry for not responding sooner. We've been out of town. If it's not too late, we would love to come.

Staci & Peyton

Anonymous said...

Hi Chantelle and Foster,

We will be there....sorry for the late reply!!

Lisa and Aiden

Aspergertopia said...

Awe thanks for the sweet invite on my blog Sprout. I am so sorry to say that I am just not keeping up with my blogging and blog rounds these days and I completely missed it. I can see from Mommy's latest post that you had a wonderful 1st birthday filled with family and friends and love. Happy belated birthday sprout. Much happiness for your 2nd year!