This is my new semi sister.
It is important to note that we both have real sisters who live very far away (and are too "happy" where they are to move to our great city just to live near us) so we have decided to be semi-sisters.
She came over to my house the other night and did this... but it's OK because we are now semi-sisters and sister are supposed to have fun making messes, baking and giggling just like we did. mmmmmm.....chocolate mint cupcakes!
We puts our head together to plan a 40th Birthday for this lucky friend and it was AMAZING!
My semi-sister and I had a ton of fun, I can't wait to see what our next venture will be! (So THERE real sisters.......We betcha you'll be packing your bags when you see all the fun we are going to have poolside this summer!)


Saucy said...

Mmmmm chocolate mint! Your frosting technique is amazing! Love the foil cups with the foil mints!!

Anonymous said...

They look soooo god! Your lesson with Saucy really paid off - they look great!!! Do you have a special recipe for these wonderful looking goodies? D

sassy studio said...

I always follow Saucy's recipe for cupcakes and icing......we added a little mint(just like Saucy would!) to the icing and voila chocolatey-minty cupcakes!

Anonymous said...

Enough already I get the hint....but I am not moving it may be nice in the summer but 40 below in the winter.....

Twinny +1