mr eyeballs is a sad day.
the sprout has bitten mr. eyeballs, eyeballs one too many times. As you can see mr. eyeballs has suffered a traumatic brain injury that even Daddy can't fix. Daddy said mr. eyeballs wouldn't even be allowed into the operating room because he is too germy.
(ok, yes I asked Mc Dreamy to take mr. eyeballs in for a few pics on a hospital bed, maybe even with an IV.......he did think about it but the final word was understandably a no go)
good bye to you dear mr. eyeballs, The Sprout will miss you.
(and Mommy is secretly relieved now that she doesn't have to worry about her sweet baby choking on your plasticness that Yoda insists is fine)

mr eyeballs


Saucy said...

Saucy was actually thinking that Mr. Eyeballs was, in fact, a giant germ. His gangly gait and spiky green appearance just screamed "H1N1". Obviously Saucy did not go to medical school, but she agrees with McDreamy's diagnosis... time to pull the plug on Mr. Eyeballs' life support system.

Jerri-Lea said...

That is too funny!

Dionne said...

LOL - those poor eyeballs. You aren't going to donate them to science? :)