fun factory

The Sprout had a great play date with a few buddies a while back. Here are a few photos from our day at the fun factory. This place really is called the fun factory. There are multiple ball pits, rocking horses, tunnels high and low, swingers, sliders, giant plastic trees with slides and doorbells just to name a few highlights. Best of all this magnificent place is free for babies but silly Mommies who forget their socks must may $2.63 for a pair that you could spit through, still, a small price to pay for The Sprout's happiness. It was a great time, we can't wait to do it again!


Oliver Rain said...

Looks like a fun, fun time at the Fun Factory. How wonderful that there are so many little ones his age.

Saucy said...

OH SASSY! I hope you get this message while you are on your fabulous weekend getaway in San Diego:

One of my readers sent me a fab cupcake recipe to try, she swears by it but we cannot get one of the ingredients at home, if you are in the grocery store... or Target... please look for Jell-O WHITE CHOCOLATE PUDDING MIX!

It apparently makes a fantastic vanilla cupcake to.die.for! If you find white chocolate pudding mix then grab a bunch and we'll settle up later!!! Happy shopping and hugs to The Sprout and hi-five to McDreamy!


Quirkymom said...

Just found your blog and love to scrapbook - seems like a nice fit for me! How do you make those beautiful photo collages? I am assuming you use a program prior to blogging and then save them to upload? What program do you use and is it easy to use? I absolutely love it! Thanks

Aspergertopia said...

We love the fun factory too. But in small spaced out amounts. Preferably on a quiet evening. My Monkey tends to get very over-stimulated by all the activity.

Love your pictures!

Dionne said...

Free? That's awesome, and looks like fun times.

What cute little kidlets!