Bugs in My House

This was The Sprout's first butterfly experience.
He was in awe of the beautiful creatures and I was impressed at how very kind and gentle he was. Raising butterflies is a great family tradition now which teaches the kids very important values about respecting and loving nature.

From caterpillar to pupa to butterfly, each stage captivates me over and over again.

Yoda laughed at me having "bugs" in my kitchen. He said he thought I'd be the last person he'd know to have bugs in their kitchen. It must be the tough wilderness woman in me(underneath the layers of cupcake icing and cookie batter of course!)

Goodbye flighty friends! Be safe!


the treat girl said...

Wowza!!!! Where did you get that big screened box from????? You lucky girl you!!! What a terrific thing!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww Foster is so cute! Is he ever getting big! I just wanted to give you some ideas for your mother. Bring her lots of People magazines, flowers to brighten her room, and visit her everyday, and let her know how much she is loved.

Jerri-Lea said...

Remind me next spring when you order the butterflies and we'll get some too!! The girls would LOVE it!!!