Happy Birthday Canada!

After breakfast yesterday The Sprout and I heard an ad for $1 Canada Day T-shirts at Old Navy, lucky for us Old Navy is on the way home between our house and Yoda's Restaurant.
We arrived promptly at 9:31am to find several large tables with a sparse few XXL shirts-just a little big for The Sprout, good thing Mommy had a Canada T-shirt all washed and ready to go at home for The Sprout. XXL or not, the $1 shirt deal was too good to pass up so we found 3 of these
and turned XXL into XXL-ovely!

Step 1
find any old t-shirt, cut off sleeves and neck

Step 2
turn inside out, serge or sew bottom of the t-shirt
Step 3
turn right side out
Step 4

use your wonderful new bag for groceries or for collecting other treasures

* different sizes of shirts make different sizes of bags. McDreamy saves his old t-shirts for me, you know the ones that "shrink" in the dryer. Children's shirts make great kid sized bags for lunches and toys. Wouldn't this be a fun activity to do for a kids "green" birthday party.


Jerri-Lea said...

Very clever! We also like the t-shirt to throw cushions idea too!

Anonymous said...

Those are so cute! Great idea.
I am sorry to hear about your mother. I Know what you are going through. As for ideas for Nana, bring her lots of People Magazines, and flowers to brighten her room. Also visit her everyday, and let her know how much she is loved. Aren't the nurses on pallitave care wonderful? Wish Nana all the best.

Dionne said...

Oh that idea is great! Love it. I need a new grocery bag, too, so this is perfect.

Happy Canada Day!

Jody Cooper said...

What a smart idea! I have a hard time getting rid of favorite t-shirts.
It was great to meet you & your gorgeous little boy at Michael's the other day! Hope you had a wonderful Canada Day.


Niki said...

Great idea! thanks