new tupperware!

top secret....I love Tupperware!
McDreamy said that boys don't have tea parties so The Sprout and I called up Lori our favorite Tupperware lady and she set us up with this great "lemonade" mini serve set! It is PERFECT for our outdoor picnics. The Sprout can pour as much water on himself as he desires and we eat muffins and watermelon all day long without worrying about crumbs everywhere. (this is all before we race cars, fight ninjas and crash boats of course! See McDreamy, Sassy knows how to do boy stuff too!)
Readers help.......I need more summer boy-ish things to do!


Saucy said...

Buddy Budderson used to enjoy taking his toy airplanes out to the airport and watching the big ones land and take off while we had a picnic.

One time, when he was much older than The Sprout, we took our lawnchairs to watch a building on 2nd Avenue be torn down. That might be too noisy for The Sprout just yet!

Have fun whatever you do!

But PS. Please tell McDreamy that Buddy Budderson grew up to be a tea drinking, yoga practicing music lover, no matter what "boy stuff" I tried to do with him. He just ordered himself a new tea set off eBay and he's pretty excited.

{Happy Homes} said...

Making guns out of veggies is what my boys liked to do...they'll make a gun outta' anything!!;0)

Anonymous said...

Sorry Sweetie:
There is nothing male about Tupperware. Unless you are melting it over a bond-fire.

Grace said...

you are too cute! haha tupperware looks adorable on the tray with flowers... McDreamy fire? lol It is kind of sturdy.

the treat girl said...

awwwhhh, I got that same set for my oldeset daughter several years ago at a Tupperware party!!! She still has it in her closet.....I'll have to dig it out for Cubby to have fun with!! He can have a party with his favorite "Pup"!!!

Jerri-Lea said...

Well, if it's boy things you'd like I'm at a loss but this worked with CD...

Visit "you know where" and pick up a couple of bags of the plastic animals (CD liked the frogs and snakes). Get a couple of the white wash tubs and the pack of 3 sand toys at the same place. Fill one with water for the frogs and one with sand to put the snakes in... CD spent an hour with hers. She did end up mixing both together at some point for a big muddy mess but still had fun!

We should get together soon! When is Saucy back??