fishing for fifties!

Have you ever dove for small change?

To this day I credit my strong swimming skills to hours of holding my breath searching for pennies, nickels and dimes on the bottoms of pools across Saskatchewan. Although probably not invented by my brilliant parents, this simple genius game where the adults toss small spare change (quarters would only be found on rare occasions) into a pool kept us 4 kids busy and happy for hours.

Yesterday was a new chapter in pool treasure hunting. The Nana was tossing in $50's! In hind sight, rolls of toonies might have worked a little better but the floating fifties put big smiles on each of the grand kids faces just the same.

My niece carefully laid out the bills to dry only to return to find the pink bills replaced with blue ones of much lesser value.......Yoda tried to explain that's what happened when 50's touched salt water, everyone knows that they turn to blue fives don't they? Very funny Yoda.
(the money was really a yearly passing the grade gift for the grandkids)


Scrappy Jessi said...

hey doll,
wow 50's i would have jumped in , in my clothes. tee hee.
thanks for stopping by.
love your blog.

Anonymous said...

For fifties I would have jumped in without my clothes. Sorry I missed it.

Saucy said...

Of course Yoda tried that trick. Yoda, Yoda.

We are in Whistler right now. Last night on our way to dinner there was a crowd gathered around one of the creeks in the village site. Apparently three $100 bills had floated by in the last few minutes. We waited and watched the teenagers wade in, searching for others. Veto pointed out a few "leads" to one of the guys but no luck. I suppose the rest of the cash sailed through the waterways and landed in your pool in Saskatoon ;)

the treat girl said...

Wow!!! Do they grow on a tree near her house???? :) I'm sure the kiddies will remember it always!!!!

the fan said...

Sounds very typical of both Nana and Yoda! They're quite a pair, those two.
xoxo the fan

Jerri-Lea said...

That Yoda is hilarious!