studio guests at studio 13

I had my favorite Manitoba gal pal swing by with her super well behaved boys last week.
We had a great afternoon of splashing, snacking and creating. I gave a quick mini lesson on glass fusion-----these Manitoba-ians's are seriously creative, just look at their creations! Gallery worthy I tell you!

It was great to spend sometime in the studio during daylight hours.

Above are a few of the works before fusion and after.

The Sprout insisted on BLUE cupcakes for a is my pal posing for me, doesn't she look great in blue.

Thanks for the visit-what shall we create next year boys?!


Jerri-Lea said...

OoOOOO, your glass fusion!! That looks like fun!

Saucy said...

You wouldn't be planning any teeny-tiny glass fusion charms, would you?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fun day. The boys sure enjoyed swimming, working in the studio and eating those delicious cupcakes. They can't wait to come again next summer!