spa academy saskatoon

Welcome to Spa Academy...
Have you heard of Permanent Polish?
Well you are in for a treat today!
Sit back and relax as you are pampered and educated about Saskatoon's best place for a pedicure!Above is the owner herself, she is the one who schooled Sassy in the secrets of permanent polish.
Below is a good friend and wonderful instructor. Don't you feel more relaxed knowing such polished and professional women are taking care of you.

Ahhhh, nothing spells relaxation for Sassy like girl time with her Sis. I seriously can't believe we have not done this before. This was my very 1st spa trip despite McDreamy's many attempts to have me pre-book treatments on almost every trip we take. I had no idea I was a spa kind of gal, looks like spa time might need to be scheduled in from now on!

What is this permanent polish you ask?

It is the answer to gals all over the world who need a tootsie polish that lasts more than an hour. You know what I mean. Permanent polish is heat cured but can be filed and snipped without being harmed. My french themed toes are still as bright and shinny as if they were just painted hours ago. The shine says.........fear not sand or stubbed toe, I will out live, outlast and out shine for weeks! Bring on the sandals and open toed shoes you treasure!

Yes those are two happy feet!

Now go make your appointment at spa academy!


Dionne said...

Ooooh cute nails! I wanna go to the spa!

Saucy said...

Oh, Sweet Silly Sassy...

It would seem that in spite of Saucy trying to instill you with all of her secrets, this one surely slipped past. Saucy has sported the spa tootsies for several years. Her usual selection is the French finish but alas, a nasty stub of the toe has rendered her with permanent glossy purply-black finish.

And lastly, dear cousin, if McDreamy insists on pre-booking the spa treatment while you are away (as does Dear Veto) then who are you to disagree? To be a disagreeable wife is very unsavory indeed.

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