best gifts ever

Met up with Saucy and JL for a quick lunch today-I love girl time!
I was also surprised with wonderful unexpected!
Saucy made me a personalized charm bracelet..theme-twist of lime! The best charm- a VINTAGE Sprout! This bracelet has a special place in my heart forever! She also had a goodie box of cupcakes for us! (I ate 2 while The Sprout napped!...oops again!)
JL treated The Sprout to the best puzzle EVER! Each side is a different family picture! -she could make a million if she marketed this! His favorite is "PA"-it seems to be all I hear lately..Pa, Pa, Pa..

Recognize the cutie on the T-shirt? Yup, it's my babe!
I have it on right now-and just realized it might have been easier to photograph off.....ooops.

This will be worn to every family function this season! It is perfect and quite possibly one of the most creative gifts I've ever received!


Jerri-Lea said...

So glad that you like your little gifts! We thought you might like the shirt to wear in your studio (and thanks to Saucy on the sizing help... you were right ~ she is pretty tiny!) Thank you for the creating time at Studio 13! I cannot wait to see what CJ cooked up.

Thanks for the soup today!!

Anonymous said...

Too flippin' awesome! Inspirational creativity around every corner. I want to be adopted in this family and your circle of friends!

Saucy said...

Look at that! Glad you lurrve the bracelet. I had a good giggle, you taking your pic in the mirror! Just like a Facebook chick.

Karen of the KAGS said...

I'm secretly hoping for a pair of those jeans JL created for the girls! You are one crafty bunch!

the treat girl said...

You lucky girl!!!! Embrace all of your lovely treats!.......the little Sprout charm is THE.BEST!!