give away!

You must go see Dionne at City of Dionne, she has a great give away for Christmas. Sweet Sassy Studio was ASKED to join in! The give away is HUGE and Dionne is a sweet blogger from Houston who always has interesting posts.
My big sis just put in her order for 3 of these sassy BE MERRY charms sets, lucky for her it was free stuff for sisters day! If you want your set I still have 4 left so go check out my etsy store! Go quick, the orders from Regina just keep rolling in!


Jerri-Lea said...

Those look great!! I hope you are finished with assignments and are ready for 'playtime'!! CJ is getting excited!

Jerri-Lea said...

Of course you can invite more to your art party! Have we decided on a date? The 15th is out, CJ's Christmas concert.
Looking forward to it!
PS You will soon have a much deserved break from classes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sassy! I went to your store, and they are gone! Will you be making any more before x-mas? I'd LOVe two sets if you have any more!! Let me know, D 280-9157

scrappaleica said...

those Be Merry are cute!