I can't wait to come across these when The Sprout is a teenager. We made about 40 as gifts but I am already having a hard time parting with each one...but I will.
I am so proud of his "try anything for Mommy" attitude. I will cherish it as I know it will not last forever....the 2's loom just ahead!
1st draft of literature review is handed in. The commas better placed, not like my reference of the quote above that is sans comma...oops!
One paper to finish by Thursday. 2 pages down, 28 to go.
Online shopping and blogging squeezed into 5 minute computer breaks every hour.


Jerri-Lea said...

Those are precious! Hang in there doll, you can do it!! Can't wait to see you!

scrappaleica said...

those are adorable sprout & mommy!

the treat girl said...

ooohh!! Total keepsakes forever!!! Treasure them always!!!