hostess with the mostess tips

I found a few last minutes tips for being a great hostess right from Jen with HWTM here.
I am hosting brunch and dinner-The Chef (my big Bro) is my secret weapon, we started the planning and ordering weeks before.
Anyway these tips will be my mantra.....always looking for ways to be the hostess with the mostess! Enjoy!

1. Consider the special dietary needs of your guests.
Maybe you have some vegetarians on the guest list, a best friend with peanut allergies, or a pregnant sister-in-law. Make sure to have options prepared for them ahead of time so that they feel like an important guest and not an afterthought or a burden. You can even talk to them about it ahead of time, as they might have suggestions for the menu that will keep things easy on you too.

2. Set an example with your mood.
Greet everyone with a big smile – even if you’re a little more stressed out than you’re actually letting on (they really don't NEED to know that you just dropped an entire tray of desserts in the kitchen right before the doorbell rang and sent your husband to the grocery store for a solution, do they?!). The bottom line is that your guests will take their cue from YOUR mood. If you seem happy and relaxed, they will be too. If you look stressed out and totally frazzled, they might start to feel awkward or like their presence is an inconvenience, which is never a good thing!***

3. Take immediate steps to make people feel comfortable.

Make a point of greeting every guest personally (and very soon after they arrive) and introducing people to each other – which is especially important for guests that might not know anyone else.I also like to have a tray of signature drinks prepared that you can offer to guests right when they arrive. It's a simple thing, but people always seem to feel more comfortable when they have something to hold on to – whether it’s a specialty cocktail, a glass of wine, or a cup of hot chocolate.

Last but not least, designate areas for coats and purses so that your guests are comfortable and can keep their hands free for the important stuff - like food, drinks, and dancing!
Here is our dinner (a big thanks to my darling husband who insisted on helping me add humor to the menu)


Karen of the KAGS said...

All that tartan I thought there was a Bay City Rollers reunion going on in town!

oliver rain said...

Love the holiday photo. Merry Christmas Sassy!

Leica Forrest said...

your family looks wonderful!!!! That little Foster is sure a cutie!!!!

Saucy said...

I tried to send you a text from my phone but it failed:

Mix strawberries, blueberries and raspberries in some brown sugar and maple syrup. Don't overstir. Spread on top of a wheel of Brie and bake on a cedar plank in the conventional oven or on your grill outside until it is soft and melted on the inside. Serve with toasted baguette and crackers.

Make sure you soak the cedar plank for 12 - 24 hours!


Jerri-Lea said...

mmm, sounds wonderful! When CD was trying on her swimsuit today she insisted that we head over to Sassy & the Sprout's for a swim, too cold darling!