winter fun

In the last 2 days we have been to the snow hill twice! The weather has been beautiful and we just love having Daddy around to play ALL DAY LONG!
My little Sprout wants to do EVERYTHING just like Dad.
Today I heard the sweetest word pass through my little boys little lips, please. Yoda says he says it all the time for him, sure Yoda.
Everything is peeese. I love it.
(I tried to teach him the "l" sound, he just tries to catch my tongue and pull it. It will come in time.)
Only a few days left in 2009-I must go and clean so I am ready for fresh start in the new year!


Jenn said...

So much fun! Loving the nice weather, what a welcome change!

We're hitting the slopes too! Must soak it up while the weather lasts :)

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