party time

It's true, The Sprout is officially
one year old!

The band is booked and planning has begun, ooooooo planning a party is so much fun!

With less than 2 weeks to go blogging will have to take second place to party planning.

Let's see, we must decide on cupcake flavors, party games, land and water games and party favors......lot's to do!

Do you have any suggestions for a great 1st birthday party?

Our theme? Oh it's BARBER SHOP of course!

The History: it is Russian tradition that the Grandfather and the Father each take a snip of hair off of the birthday boy at the same time......for luck I assume. That reminds me I must get to work on those barbershop poles for the back yard, fun fun!

Don't forget to RSVP in the comments box below so Sassy can tell The Chef (who has so graciously volunteer to Bar-B-Que, thanks Chef!) how many burgers and hot dogs to order.

mr eyeballs is a sad day.
the sprout has bitten mr. eyeballs, eyeballs one too many times. As you can see mr. eyeballs has suffered a traumatic brain injury that even Daddy can't fix. Daddy said mr. eyeballs wouldn't even be allowed into the operating room because he is too germy.
(ok, yes I asked Mc Dreamy to take mr. eyeballs in for a few pics on a hospital bed, maybe even with an IV.......he did think about it but the final word was understandably a no go)
good bye to you dear mr. eyeballs, The Sprout will miss you.
(and Mommy is secretly relieved now that she doesn't have to worry about her sweet baby choking on your plasticness that Yoda insists is fine)

mr eyeballs

I LOVE pink!

.......somebody's having a baby girl!

...she is in this picture

...she is due in July
...she is a great Mommy already
...she loves to shop
...she loves to travel
...she has 2 brothers
...she has one sister
...her Mom is Denise
...her Dad's name starts with a "K"

Congratulations Missy and Scott!

(the Sprout and I are having way too much fun buying pink stuff, he doesn't let Sassy pass through a Carter's without picking up at least one outfit! We really can't wait to meet you sweet baby girl, don't worry baby girl Aunty Sassy will dress you in style and teach you how to bake cupcakes and cookies and cinnamon buns and make charm bracelets and do everything girly!)


This is my new semi sister.
It is important to note that we both have real sisters who live very far away (and are too "happy" where they are to move to our great city just to live near us) so we have decided to be semi-sisters.
She came over to my house the other night and did this... but it's OK because we are now semi-sisters and sister are supposed to have fun making messes, baking and giggling just like we did. mmmmmm.....chocolate mint cupcakes!
We puts our head together to plan a 40th Birthday for this lucky friend and it was AMAZING!
My semi-sister and I had a ton of fun, I can't wait to see what our next venture will be! (So THERE real sisters.......We betcha you'll be packing your bags when you see all the fun we are going to have poolside this summer!)

stonehenge sassy style

The Sprout and I fill our days in many interesting ways.
Today we had a history lesson and recreated Stonehenge.......
with watermelon! Delicious and educational!
I love summer time fruit, we manage to polish off 2 watermelon a week here. What is your favorite way to eat watermelon?

best buddies buddies, I think it's clear.
Saucy says she's seen this play before but last time the co-star wore a little dress.
xox we love you Yoda!

la jolla

We had a jolly time at la jolla beach in sunny California. I thought I was beach person but beaches are actually incredibly dirty, just sand but still dirt-like to me.
The Sprout did NOT enjoy his shower to rinse off the sand before the car ride back to the hotel but after agreed that we had a blast dumping ocean water everywhere.
We are just about back from the Bahamas.....lots to share!

1st ice cream cone!

This was a sweet family moment one evening along the boardwalk.
The Sprout really enjoyed his 1st ice cream cone...every crumb!
His face when the Ben and Jerry's worker handed him the cone was priceless!
Pure Sweetness!

san diego

The Sprout loves to go on adventures.
We tackled San Diego and had a great time at this beach in Coronado. The Sprout and Daddy watched the waves looking for fish and Sassy enjoyed the Navy Seals training near by.
Ahhh.....don't you just love nature!

meeting sophie

We met Sophie!

...and then promptly fell asleep in Daddy's arms. The San Diego zoo was great, a must with your family or loved ones.
Just don't forget your hats like we did or $22 will buy you this stylish future zoo keeper hat!

my 1st mother's day

Romantic McDreamy and Smart Saucy cooked up an extra special 1st Mother's Day for me.

Something old... and something new.....

What could be more perfect than a charm bracelet that belonged to my Grandma Kinakin (one of the best Mom's in the world!) And add to that a heart lock in a little blue box from my favorite store.

Yoda and I both shed a tear privately before the guests arrived and while the Sprout gave me his Mother's Day gift ( a 1.5 hour nap!)

What a special day for lucky me! I will look to this special bracelet when I need true Mother power!

happy mothers day mom

"A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take."-- Cardinal Mermillod

Come on in and sneak a peak through my kitchen window.

This is my window because in dons my very own name. What's this I see? cabinets? Yeah! Those are my upper cabinets that are about to go up. Yes, 2 rows of perfectly measured cabinets to organise all my artsy treasures! And under those cabinets will be more beautiful storage and counters as far as my little arms can reach and glue.

This......this is a boiler to warm my little feet as I create masterpiece after masterpiece with in floor heating.

Soon my love, my kind old kiln you too will be warm with new projects in your belly. I have so many ideas!

McDreamy spoils me. He didn't have to build this studio but did because he loves my artsy side. One our first dates involved sketching by candlelight on a coffee table sitting on the floor.
He has no idea how excited I am for my studio to be completed. I can't wait to be able to begin a project and leave it out for days while I tinker with it.

I know my little buddy in Manitoba is pretty excited too. I can't wait to have him over so we can do some clay projects and make his aunty Tiff aunty Nelia and Nanny pair of glass fused earring.
I am sure many masterpieces are yet to come but this will always be my best project...

fresh fruit for the chef

The Chef hurt his knee and needed some TLC so the Sprout and I slipped over with a special supper for The Chef the other day. He dined on Sassy's famous ribs ( Nana's secret recipe), oven roast potatoes, stuffed tomatoes, fresh fruit (he he), iced tea, cookies and mini kit kats. McDreamy enjoyed the same supper quickly before rushing back to the OR with a little Bar-B-Que sauce still on his cheek (maybe that's the real reason surgeons wear masks!)

perfect parks

We love going to the park. We are so lucky to have 5 parks with in a 10-15 minute walk from our house.
What park do we feel like going to today...
.....the hill park with the good swings and slide
......the splash pool park
.......the handy market next door to the park
.....the perfect climbing apparatus for supervised babies park(I'll get pics of it soon)
......the cool and shady tree park

fun factory

The Sprout had a great play date with a few buddies a while back. Here are a few photos from our day at the fun factory. This place really is called the fun factory. There are multiple ball pits, rocking horses, tunnels high and low, swingers, sliders, giant plastic trees with slides and doorbells just to name a few highlights. Best of all this magnificent place is free for babies but silly Mommies who forget their socks must may $2.63 for a pair that you could spit through, still, a small price to pay for The Sprout's happiness. It was a great time, we can't wait to do it again!