Be Greener in 2010

I would love to use these as favors for a berry theme party but berries are a little girly for the Sprout.
I joke with McDreamy about wanting to have another wedding, wouldn't they be perfect!
A Berry Sweet Couple...... berry desserts like blushing blue-berry bride cupcakes and gooseberry groom tarts or honey berry honeymoon ice cream, saskatoon berry bush centre pieces, berries embroidered on napkins, berry themed beverages! I can see it now!
Seriously though, this is the perfect purse bag. Even I can stuff it back into it's little pouch and I am spatially challenged even on a good day!
New Year Resolution- be greener!
I even used a few of these as gifts this past Christmas, who couldn't use a sweet little purse bag that actually folds up into a tiny cute little berry pouch! Note the pairing of the pouch with the retro pic a pop look a like drink-pic-a-pop, now they were ahead of their time with recycling, pic-a-pop you get a gold star from me!


bamemories said...

So cute! Where do you find these things? Have a happy new year!

sassy studio said...

cute berry bags can be found at Safeway!

oliver rain said...

Very cute. I have to track those down at Safeway. Happy new years!

Saucy said...

Thank you again for the cute bag and the Pop Shoppe pop! I ended up decorating around the colour scheme!! Red and green with that famous "twist of lime"!