McDreamy travels a bit with work, sometimes The Sprout and I tag along but at the last minute we backed out of Vegas. The forecast was rain, the hotel pool was closed and I was/am up to my eyeballs in school work.
We miss McDreamy terribly when he goes away, The Spout waits by the door at 5:00 each day, make me tear up to see how much that little boy loves his Daddy. So we try to keep busy, this means bake, bake, bake, craft, bake, craft, bake and shop, shop, shop. Not that much different than our usual routine come to think of it....
anyway here is my favorite cut out cookie recipe. They always turn out and are sooooo yummy. A perfect tea cookie to nibble on while sipping tea and blogging. The icing is simple- 1 cup plus 1 table spoon of icing sugar and one large egg white, easy is great.
Cookies make me happy. It's no secret that cook-cook (cookie) was one of my Little Sprout's 1st words!

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the treat girl said...

Gotta try them!!! I'm in the mood to bake this weekend!