personal valentines

Ok, photoshop is way to distracting for me. But what do you think of this idea?
Maybe I could market it for next year (ha ha) its been done already- good job Wal-mart!
Oh well, if you want one for your kiddo let me know and we'll see what we can work out!
(hello, Des, Krista, Nic, Treena, Pam, Ali, Stacey, Lisa, Tammi, Michelle, Tammy, Erin, Louis, Holly, My Sister, Relatives and Buddies who know my life story-this means you.
You guys are always doing stuff for me so if you want one 1. email me a pic and 2. leave a comment so I watch for it, do it now!)



Jerri-Lea said...

Looks great!! I cannot believe how big The Sprout is! I must get me some PhotoShop!

Coco said...

He is so cute with those curls on top. My grandson is a Valentines baby....and he is so sweet.

Pam said...

he is so sweet!!!
see you friday and sunday!

Leica said...

Sprout is getting so big!!!! See you this weekend

bamemories said...

haven't been to the blogs lately, so I'm a little behind on this one--but I may send you some pics to make one of these for me. I just have to get my pics organized. See you Sunday!