19 month olds do not know how to make muffins

I'm not quite sure how this got started but I had a helper in the kitchen today.
He stirred and stirred and stirred and .........stirred.

My little helper would not. stop. stirring.

Do you know what happen to muffins that are stirred for 15 minutes? I now call this recipe wallpaper paste muffins a la Sprout.

My helper has a new job now which he takes VERY seriously.
He is now my official muffin wrapper man.
This, he does very well....

...even though sometimes he forgets and puts all 12 wrapper in 3 holes.....

Thank goodness I have him for the next 17 years to prepare him for the the real world! I think we have a lot of work to do!


Coco said...

So cute. I love it when they love to help in the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Can you post your recipe, without the extra help??? Looks yummy!!!!

the treat girl said...

Yep! He's a keeper!!! :) Wait until he makes you breakfast in bed :)