fire king

my secret obsession.
the colours.
the styles.
the feel.
Fire King
My mug collection is growing and I have a few bowls. I have a vision of a wall of mugs, each with their own story. An inviting wall of fire king mugs that a friend who stops by for tea can choose the mug they are in the mood for.
The blue and green mugs are two of my favorites. I use them daily for tea. The are a heavy cup, a cup with a past, a cup with a story.
The mugs were 2 bucks and the bowl was four.
I would have paid more I like these ones so much.


Vanessa said...

Oh do these ever bring back memories...

Kari said...

My mom still has bowls and mugs like that.. :-) and she is the best garage Saler I know... I will tell her to keep an eye out for you(small towns are the best finds for old style glass stuff)

MJ said...

I think Classic Antiques in Regina has quite a few of the bowls in case you are interested...