I am reading this book right now for a behavior class I'm taking.
I love it.
It is how I will strive to live my life.
This book is simple goodness.
It is about being in charge of your own life-the way I was raised and the way I hope to raise my son.
This book talks about deciding what kind of person you want to be and what roads you tend to drive down.
As I struggle to balance my job, my classes and my family I don't want to lose sight of what kind of person I want to be.

One story in the book talks about a lady on a plane. She is assigned the window seat. After plane delays, lost luggage and lousy airport food she is forced to hike up her skirt and step over the man in the seat beside her who refused to get up to let her by. She doesn't get frustrated or snap at him or call him rude. She calmly asks where he is going and he responds a lot further than her and not to expect him to get up.
Turns out, he was recently paralyzed.

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