view finders

I think I have a thing for view finders.
I think they are a great language building tool.
We visit ours a few times a week and my 2.4 year old gives me updates on elephants (Dumbo), girls dancing (princesses) and whatever other reels I find at the second hand stores.
We usually each have one and pass them back and forth while trying to get just the right light from the window.
Days go by where the TV doesn't even get mentioned in this house. I imagine it would change if there were more feet running around but we are usually too busy for TV-thank goodness for the fresh air and wonderful parks we have.
Who needs TV when you can make up your own stories with view finders.
Did you have one of these as a child?
I am hoping to use my collection to spark creative writing with students I work with. (not the fancy taking one, I'm still looking for sound reels to go with it)
Know any good games or activities?


Vanessa said...

My kids have almost worn theirs out and it doesn't always change the picture...

Also, my daughter drew your name out of the hat to win the Turbo Dogs DVD!!! All I need is your mailing address. You can email me at

Jerri-Lea said...

CD loves her view master!! Maybe the Sprout and CD could have a viewing party!
(I'm home with pneumonia right now so been doing a lot of blog stalking from bed!!)
Hope all is well with work and school!

the treat girl said...

awwwhh...I sadly just passed our view finder onto my younger was hours of fun!